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Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward Actual rating: 3.5Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2012/01/09/review-lover-revealed-by-j-r-ward/When Lover Revealed starts, readers who have followed the series thus far already know quite a bit about Butch’s and Marissa’s relationship — or lack thereof. I was never completely sold on Butch’s character in previous books and wondered why a human got to have his own book (a question which is mostly definitely answered in a way that I never expected), and while he will never be one of my favorite heroes in the BDB series, I enjoyed the romance. Even though I was often confused about where the two stood with each other. There was so much miscommunication and baggage that it sometimes got a little overwhelming and I just wanted to shout “Why are you not together?!”Some of the gansta speak drove me a little wonky (you feel me, true?), and I tried really hard to overlook it, but I think it appears more in Lover Revealed than other books. I had already forgotten a lot of the lessers back story, so I did not pay a lot of attention to these parts of the story. Frankly, the lessers are boring. I could live without them and be just as happy. And I’m pretty sure that I am not alone in this feeling.There are two distinct changes that Butch goes through during Lover Revealed that are both fascinating and a little eyebrow raising. The first affects the overall story arc, and I am sure that we haven’t heard the last about it, since I am not quite sure exactly what happened, and my demanding curiosity still burns with unanswered questions. It seemed that a good chunk of the beginning of the story spent time setting up Vishous’s story or spending time with other characters. Which seemed good for the continuation of the series, and kind of “whatever” and “meh” for the romance aspect. I spent a good chunk of the time reading this book wondering about Vishous and his story and how that will all play out, which is awesome except that it was Butch and Marissa’s book.The second change Butch goes through is necessary for the romance aspect of this story, I believe. Even though, like certain happenings in Lover Eternal, it seemed awfully convenient, even with a very plausible explanation at the end. I actually really liked the explanation because it fit with everything we had learned thus far about Butch, but it was still really convenient. I am all for happy endings, but some convenient happenings just make me go o.O.If you have already invested yourself in the BDB series, Lover Revealed is a good book. It won’t tear you apart like Z’s book, but it’s still a decent addition to the series.