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Nightkeepers (Final Prophecy, Book 1): A Novel of the Final Prophecy

Night Keepers (Night Keepers, #1) - Jessica Andersen Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/12/12/review-nightkeepers-by-jessica-andersen/For being a paranormal romance, I felt there was a lot more focus on other characters and happenings than I expected. Being that Nightkeepers is the first book in the Final Prophecy series, I can see how the time spent on the side characters goes toward setting up future books, which would have been fine, except for there was interaction between the two main characters in the beginning, then lots of focus on side characters with the main characters being separated, then the main characters. The gap where the main characters were featured or barely talked about made the story lag and rather than being interested in the other stories, I just wanted the story to hurry up.The beginning was a bit rough and confusing; it didn’t feel like there was quite enough world building for me to understand exactly what was going on. There was also the repetitiveness of “thrust and withdrew, thrust and withdrew” during the sex scenes that just got a little ridiculous after a couple of times. Like, I get it. Let’s practice using our thesaurus — or creative writing skills. I also am not quite sure how the ending worked, really, but it did, so I guess it’s all good.I have gotten more critical as I come out of my reading slump, so I think I tend to focus on and pick out aspects of the story that bother me rather than reading to be entertained (where I don’t let much bother me). If you’re going into Nightkeepers expecting to be blown away like with PNR authors like Thea Harrison, JR Ward, or Sherrilyn Kenyon, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you’re looking for entertainment, Nightkeepers will get the job done.