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The Demon in Me - Michelle Rowen Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/10/26/review-the-demon-in-me-by-michelle-rowen/The Demon in Me was one of those books that leaves you with the, “How is this ever going to be resolved?!?!” feeling. This suspense was enough to keep me engaged and anxious to finish (which I did in a single day). However, upon finishing, I was completely ready to read the second book at the series, so I resisted reading the excerpt in this book (which would probably make me want to read the next book even more). Yes, that strategy is how I avoid a lot of frustration. Ignorance is bliss, right?Forget everything you know about demon possession — this is so much better. The Demon in Me is a unique premise in the paranormal genre (there are demons, yes, but none that inhabit your body with you — at least with the books I’ve read) and it was a refreshing read. But demons aren’t the only paranormal creature in The Demon in Me; there were witches, faeries, and shifters galore. Though The Demon in Me primarily focused on witches and demons, I suspect that there will be more exploration into the paranormal world in the second book.Eden was a pretty good main character. There is the typical, “thrust into a world main character never imagined before” set up here, but I felt it was handled well — or I didn’t care; either way it works. Darrak was an intriguing edgy bad guy who may or may not be good. The interactions between the two often prove to be humorous. Though there is a clear ending, the last chapter throws a couple of curve balls that leave a great opening for more action (and drama) in Something Wicked.