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Spider's Bite  - Jennifer Estep Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/10/14/review-spiders-bite-by-jennifer-estep/I won’t lie. I love hard-edged female characters, and Gin is exactly that. But really, could you expect anything less from an assassin? Even though Gin is an assassin, she has principles and lives by her own rules. She’s an extremely likable assassin. And she cooks! Have I ever mentioned how much I love food?Given that I loved Gin, it’s no surprise that I really liked Spider’s Bite even with the minimal world building that left me intrigued and wanting more. Spider’s Bite felt like a very small bite, as though we’re sampling Gin’s world before we dive in. It took a few chapters to really get into Spider’s Bite, but once I got going, it was very difficult to put down.Now, Gin’s romance isn’t exactly ideal (though her romantic interest is pretty hot) but considering who Gin is, it works. Well, it perhaps “fits” is a better word than “work.” It fits. I’m interested to see how this romance plays out in future books, because it promises to be a difficult romance.Other than the constant references to Gin’s gray eyes which almost got on my nerves, Spider’s Bite is a fantastic read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The side characters were also fantastically written, and I can’t wait to see more of them, as well.