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Dreamfever (Fever, #4) - Karen Marie Moning Actual rating: 3.5Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/09/26/review-dreamfever-by-karen-marie-moning/Okay. I’m not as angry after reading Dreamfever as I was with Faefever. Maybe knowing there was a cliffhanger made it easier to deal with (or maybe because I know I have Shadowfever next to me right now and that I’ll pick it up as soon as I finish writing and scheduling this review) because what it hints at is epic. I was curious how Mac would come back from what happened to her in Faefever. The first part of Dreamfever was tough for me to get through; this feeling was more due to the narration than the story itself. Once I hit 25% or so, I got pulled so deeply into the story that I had to force myself to put it down so that I could go to bed.That’s great, right? Well kinda. The story lagged for me the next day when I picked it back up. Don’t get me wrong, I really like black Mac and that there is serious kicking butt and other changes involved with it all, but there was an element of absurdity in where the story was taken that my interest waned. However, Dreamfever is definitely better than the previous two books, and I am thankful the series is finally starting to go somewhere, or I would really be pissed off.One aspect that I actually really enjoyed was the philosophical bits and pieces that float around this series. They aren’t obvious and are usually wrapped up in Barrons’ “lessons” but occasionally Mac pulls something out too, and I can’t help but think how right they are. Things like how the media desensitizes us, and how we use what we’ve seen on TV as a guide for life.