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Forsaken By Shadow - Kait Nolan Actual rating: 3.5Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/09/21/review-forsaken-by-shadow-by-kait-nolan/I liked it, but it was short. And not just short as in the equivalent of 165 pages, but short as in the story was over at 80% on my Kindle. Of course, being more of a novella also explains why the story felt rushed and that everything happened really fast. It was, as I said, a nice break from the previous books I read, but I do believe that Forsaken by Shadow would have been better as a full length novel, with more space to flesh out the characters and their story, which was pigeonholed into a few events that we’re aware of. I wanted to know more.There is a lot of potential in Forsaken by Shadow and it provides a glimpse into a new world, but doesn’t give us much world building. Which wouldn’t have been bad necessarily, except I wanted to know more about how their powers worked. Perhaps if I had known this was supposed to be shorter (or that it would end at 80%), I would have liked it more. Or maybe I’m just being overly cranky and critical. One never knows.Ultimately, Forsaken by Shadow is a good, quick read that provides a good escape.