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Infinite Days (Vampire Queen, #1) - Rebecca Maizel Actual rating: 3.5Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/09/19/review-infinite-days-by-rebecca-maizel/Despite being a YA novel with 16 year old characters, the fact that Lenah was 500 years old makes me feel uncomfortable with the designation. Lenah is far from being a teenager, and her narration and knowledge separates her from the rest of her classmates, and, at points, me as well.I nearly put Infinite Days down at the beginning. There is being thrown into the middle of the story, and then there is being shoved underneath a fast moving story. I felt lost and could not connect with Lenah. I logically understood Lenah’s attraction to Justin, but I didn’t feel it. It was almost too cliche for me.My favorite characters were Rhode and Tony. I don’t know that I’ve ever not connected with either of the main characters before. I think this disconnection pulled my rating down. It was interesting, however, to see vampire portrayed as they were, especially with Lenah having been one.As a person who has studied adjustment to a new culture (turning from a vampire back into a human must certainly be a big culture shock), this aspect of the book held my attention. How Lenah struggles with being different from everyone is fascinating, but she removes herself from her emotions (because they are so new to her?). I was enthralled with this story, but it was from a distance, as an observer. I warred with myself over whether this adjustment was believable: adjustment to a new century and high school and being a human has to be extremely hard; but then, as a 500 year old vampire, I would also assume that the ability to change and adapt has to be a strong one. Is that ability strong enough to overcome the difficulty of adjustment? I’m not really sure.