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Burn - Linda Howard The beginning of the book made me wonder how I was ever going to like Cael. But once we learned the reasons for why he was doing what he was doing, it became a little easier to like him. I like my male characters to be hard, ruthless, and self-controlled, but truly good at heart. Cael is all that, and with the added bonus of knee-weakening blue eyes.We knew what was planned to happen before the characters do. This ratchets up the suspense factor for me, because it makes you anxious for the good guys to get it all figured out and save the day. Linda Howard's books are practically formulaic, but that doesn't stop me from liking them.I finished this book quickly, reading from front to back with only the necessary breaks. It was suspenseful and thrilling, but not entirely plausible, but the writing is good enough that you don't care.