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Stray - Rachel Vincent Actual rating: 3.5The rebellious-always-getting-into-trouble characters drive me crazy and frustrate me to no end. This is exactly what the main character, Faythe, is. So even though I got involved in the story almost right from the start, I was so exasperated with Faythe that I was ready to talk some sense into her, or smack her. You know, whichever worked best. As the story progressed, however, I got to learn more about her motivations, and while I didn’t always agree with her course of action, I definitely understood why. I don’t think I would have liked this book otherwise. As far as the plot is concerned, the middle portion of the book was far more entertaining for me than the ending. What happened in the middle had me staying up past my self-appointed bed time because I just couldn’t put the book down until I knew that Faythe would be okay. I did like that the ending wasn’t a cliffhanger, but at the same time kept my interest enough to make me want to pick up the second book in the series. Even so, the ending just didn’t demand my attention the way other parts of the book did. I am definitely interested in reading the second book of the series, but I can easily see where this series might not work for me, depending on how the author takes (or, perhaps more appropriately, took) it.